Frequently Asked Questions

1. What services does Vandco provide?

Vandco rents and sells new and used construction equipment. We also service equipment. The equipment may be rented or owned. We service the equipment regardless of where you acquired the unit.

2. What are Vandco’s hours of operation?

The office at Vandco is open Monday – Friday from 7am to 4:30pm. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for emergencies.

3. Where are you located?

We are located at 2126 Glenview Drive, in Evansville, Indiana. Our office is east of the airport, just off of Highway 57.
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4. Where can I find rental prices for your equipment?

Please call our office at (812) 437-3955 or toll free at 1-866-202-4491 and our staff will evaluate your needs and provide you with the appropriate information.

5. What are the terms and conditions associated with renting equipment?

You can review the terms and conditions from our rental agreement on the equipment rental page of our website.

6. Where can I fill out a credit application to set up an account with Vandco?

You may call our office staff at (812)437-3955, or toll free at 1-866-202-4491 to have a credit application mailed, faxed or emailed to you. Or, you may find electronic files on the finance page of this website.

7. How do I know what type/size of equipment I will need to complete a job?

The friendly sales staff at Vandco would be more than happy to help you spec a job so that you are adequately equipped with the right machinery. Please call our office at (812)437-3955 or toll free at 1-866-202-4491 and we will have the salesman in your territory contact you.