Super Tower™

Designed for theatrical productions and entertainment events, the Genie® Super Tower™ telescopes lighting, sound systems and scenery weighing up to 800 lbs (363 kg) and can lift to heights up to 26 ft .5 in (7.94 m). In addition, the standard flat black anodized finish blends in so well backstage, it’s virtually unnoticeable to the audience.

Easy Transport and Storage
The compact stowed position makes the Super Tower™ easy to move through doors and load on trucks with no bulky base to get in the way.

Quick, Simple Setup
Just install the outriggers and set the leveling jacks.

Options and Accessories
A two-speed winch option allows you to shift gears during operation. The load platform option fits over standard forks with no tools required and handles heavy or odd-shaped objects. Plus, fork extensions are available to insert on standard forks for an additional 25 in (64 cm) of length.

Options and Accessories

  • One or two speed winch
  • Load platform
  • Fork extensions
Product Specifications Product Specifications (European) Product Specifications (European)