FUE 2/042/200W Electronic Frequency and Voltage Inverter

Item Number: 0008902

Lightweight, sturdy and high performance

These electronic converters, also known as inverters, are outstanding due to their light and compact design which, in connection with the aluminum construction, makes them easy to handle. They provide top performance even during continuous operation because of the high-quality electronics and the active cooling system. The sturdy housing as well as the damping of the inverter unit provide for lasting reliability.

  • Suitable for all types of applications because of the pulse current sensitive protective ground fault interrupter (230 V at 50 - 60 Hz). For the first time also in equipment with three output plug receptacles.
  • Maximum degree of safety due to galvanic separation by way of an isolating transformer; the 42 V versions offer protective low voltage (< 50 V 1~).
  • Maintenance-free: No mechanical wear parts in the inverter as well as potted electronics providing protection in the case of impacts and humidity.
  • Fail-safe due to automatic overload shut-off and short circuit protection as well as excess temperature, surge voltage (up to 420 V) and low voltage protection.
  • Intelligent load and voltage management for compensation of fluctuating input voltage, incorrectly dimensioned extension lines or users with strongly differing load draw provides protection to connected equipment.

Standard Package – FUE 2/042/200W
includes CEE plug receptacles protective frame, operator's manual and parts book

Description Metric Imperial
Overall length 420 mm 13.5 in
Overall width 325 mm 12.8 in
Overall height 325 mm 12.8 in
Shipping size (length) 430 mm 16.9 in
Shipping size (width) 335 mm 13.2 in
Shipping size (hight) 350 mm 13.7 in
Weight 26,4 kg 58.2 lb
Shipping weight (including packaging) 27,4 kg 60.4 lb
Input Voltage 230 1~ V 230 1~ V
Input frequency 50-60 Hz 50-60 Hz
Input current 13 A 13 A
Input power 3 kVA 3 kVA
Output current 35 A 35 A
Output power 2,6 kVA 2.6 kVA
Output voltage 42 3 ~ V 42 3 ~ V
Output Frequency 200 Hz 200 Hz
Power cable 2,5 m 98.4 in
Protection level IP 44

Specifications may change due to continuous product development.
* Actual power output may vary due to conditions of specific use.

Details regarding accessories not available. Please call for information if you need assistance.

Model Guide

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