BH 24 Gasoline Breaker, hex 28x152 / 1.1x6.0

Item Number: 0610293

  • BH 24
  • BH 24
  • BH 24
  • BH 24
  • BH 24

Breaker offers unbeatable power and maximum productivity

Wacker Neuson's BH 24 breaker brings reliability and high-performance to any job site. Providing single blow energy of 65 Joules, it is unsurpassed in the gasoline breaker market due to the innovative percussion system and the proven Wacker Neuson WM 80 engine. Providing the best solution for breaking and demolition, the BH 24 is also comfortable and easy to use. The fully spring-mounted hood significantly reduces hand/arm vibrations (HAV), making longer hours of operation possible. By combining strong demolition performance and low HAV values, Wacker Neuson's BH 24 breaker provides maximum productivity.

  • Large, oversized fuel tank reduces refueling interruptions and provides for long run times.
  • The proven EPA-certified Wacker Neuson two-cycle gasoline engine, specifically designed for tough and rugged applications, is a powerful, low exhaust emission engine offering long service life.
  • The centrally located grease nipple makes maintenance easy, as it allows the complete machine to be greased on the job site with a small grease pump.
  • The gasoline-driven engine eliminates the need for an external power source, such as air compressors, offering a high degree of flexibility for various applications.
  • This breaker is ideally suited for breaking concrete floors, walls, sidewalks, stones, brickwork, frozen ground, heavy clay and similar materials; cutting and breaking asphalt pavements, driving posts, soil probes, ground rods, stakes and tamping small backfill areas.

Standard Package – BH 24
includes operator's manual and parts book

Description Metric Imperial
Length x width x height 960 x 450 x 333 mm 37.8 x 17.7 x 13.1 in
Shipping size (LxWxH) 980 x 470 x 360 mm 38.6 x 18.5 x 14.2 in
Shank hex 28 x 152 mm hex 1.1 x 6.0 in
Weight without tool 26.0 kg 57.3 lb
Shipping weight (including packaging) 32.0 kg 70.6 lb
Percussion rate 1250 1/min 1250 blows/min
Single stroke impact 65 (6.5) J (mkp) 47.9 ft lb/blow
Hand-arm acceleration (ISO 8662 Part 1) 6 m/s2 19.7 ft/s2
Sound pressure level 108.5
Drive engine air-cooled 2-stroke petrol engine
Manufacturer Wacker Neuson Wacker Neuson
Type WM 80
Displacement 80 cm3 4.9 in3
Rated power output 2.0 kW 2.7 hp
at 4100 1/min 4100 rpm
Fuel type petrol-oil mixture 50:1 petrol-oil mixture 50:1
Fuel consumption 0.9 l/h 1.0 US qt/h
Tank capacity 2.1 l 2.2 US qt
Power Train from engine via centrifugal clutch, crank mechanism and air-cushion percussion system to tool

Specifications may change due to continuous product development.
* Actual power output may vary due to conditions of specific use.

Accessories are not included with machine purchase.

Post driver with shank, 2in

Model Guide

22 = Weight (kg), 23 = Weight (kg), 24 = Weight (kg), B = Gasoline, H = Breaker, H = Hammer, Low Vib = Qualification

Model Drive engine Rated power output a Weight without tool Single stroke impact
kW hp
kg lb
J (mkp) ft lb/blow
BH 65
air-cooled single cylinder two-cycle gasoline engine
1.7 2.3
26 57
65 (6.5) 47.9

Specifications may change due to continuous product development.
* Actual power output may vary due to conditions of specific use.