LB 1 Light Balloon

Item Number: 0620624

Light balloons offer optimum, glare-free working conditions

Wacker Neuson's light balloons feature a compact design providing optimal brightness without glare. Ideally suited for general job site illumination, road work, indoor/outdoor illumination of concrete pours and party rentals. Light balloons feature rugged, simple construction allowing for use almost anywhere a reliable light source is needed. A powerful and portable package to light your job site!

  • A simple, one-step mechanical balloon opening system eliminates noisy fans and balloon holds its shape even in wind or if fabric is torn.
  • The balloon's heavy duty, translucent, white rip stop nylon allows diffused bright light from the metal halide lamp to be evenly distributed onto the work area for a consistent, reliable lighting solution.
  • Reflective aluminum coated upper balloon made of tough kevlar fabric reflects light downward maximizing lumen output at ground level.
  • The rugged three-section, telescoping, stainless steel tripod can be raised up to 13.5 feet for optimal light coverage. (The tripod is standard on the LB 1 model.)
  • Set up of the fully operational light balloon is quick and easy with minimal pieces and simple assembly. This compact package makes for easy storage and transport.
  • Carabineers for tie down or stakes through tripod legs offer two anchoring options for security and stability of the light balloon system. (The tripod is standard on the LB 1 model.)
  • LBA 1 provides a fully functional balloon (balloon, ballast and cables) without a tripod, ready to be attached to a customer supplied mounting system.

Standard Package – LB 1
includes operator's manual, parts book, transport cylinder and ballast. (LB 1 includes tripod and anchoring rope set as standard.)

Description Metric Imperial
Length x width x height (standard) 900 x 900 x 600 mm 35.4 x 35.4 x 23.6 in
Operating weight 28.4 kg 62.6 lb
Shipping weight (including packaging) 34.3 kg 75.6 lb
Shipping size (l x w x h) 1800 x 255 x 270 mm 70.9 x 10.0 x 10.6 in
Balloon height (max/min w/tripod) - m - ft
Operating temperature (degrees) -30 to 40 °C -22 to 104 °F
Lamp type Metal Halide
Luminous flux 99000 lm
Frequency 60 Hz 60 Hz
Coverage at 1 foot-candles (11 lux) 3317 m2 35700 ft2
Balloon diameter 900 mm 35.4 in
Balloon height 600 mm 23.5 in
Lamp Output 1000 W
AC Voltage 120 V 120 V
Starting current 4-7 A 4-7 A
Steady state current 4.5-8 A 4.5-8 A
Plug type NEMA 5-15P NEMA 5-15P
Length of cord (balloon to ballast) 7 m 23 ft
Length of cord (ballast to generator) 3 m 9.8 ft

Specifications may change due to continuous product development.
* Actual power output may vary due to conditions of specific use.

Accessories are not included with machine purchase.


Model Guide

1 = 1 Lamp, A = Alone (no tripod included), LB = Light Balloon, M = mobile

Model Dimensions of Balloon Maximum tripod height Operating weight Light flux HQI bulb Lamp type Voltage
mm in
m ft
kg lb
LB 1
1727 x 1727 x 2883 68 x 68 x 113.5
4.87 / 2.36 16 / 7.8
42.5 93.6
99000 lm
Metal Halide
120 120
LB 1
900 x 900 x 600 35.4 x 35.4 x 23.6
- -
28.4 62.6
99000 lm
Metal Halide
120 120

Specifications may change due to continuous product development.
* Actual power output may vary due to conditions of specific use.