GS™-3369 RT

Dominate the Jobsite

The three new Genie® Rough Terrain Scissor Lifts offer an upgraded industrial design with better overall performance. The new scissor family has a front active oscillating axle, which provides greater terrainability and power in extreme jobsite conditions. The entire RT69 family has been enhanced with 30% more horsepower, increased platform work space, and improved jobsite performance. The new design enables all three models to drive and function at full height.

Product Highlights


  • GS-4069 RT is the only 40′ full drive height unit in its class
  • Available in 26′, 33′ or 40′ models
  • Simplified 3-4-5 link stack design


  • 13% more platform space than previous models
  • Industry leading 5′ extension deck
  • Increased lifting capacity of up to 1,500 pounds on GS-2669 RT model

Jobsite Performance

  • 30% increase in horsepower (on dual fuel engine) allows units to drive through sand, mud and over curbs with ease
  • Standard front active oscillating axle keeps all four wheels on the ground during operation
  • Simplified service access with full swing out doors
RT69 Technical Specifications Scissor Lift Family Brochure